Six months free access to ckbk

Six months free access to ckbk

Purchase a qualifying NEFF N90 oven between 1st September - 31st December 2020 and receive Six months free access to ckbk.

In collaboration ckbk and the NEFF development chefs have created a collection of recipes to help new NEFF owners understand the capabilities of their new ovens. Access will be granted when the customer's Home Connect and ckbk accounts are paired. Specially developed timings, oven temperature and mode settings for each recipe.

ckbk offers unlimited online access to a curated collection of the world's finest cookbooks with over 80,000 recipes for £4.99 a month. ckbk offer cookbooks of every genre with everything from 20-minute weeknight meals to dinner party show-stoppers. Link your NEFF N90 oven to ckbk and you can also send heating instructions directly from your smart phone or tablet to the oven.

NEFF Autumn Cashback Promotion - up to £1,400

NEFF Integrated Ventilation

NEFF are delighted to announce an exciting new Autumn Cashback promotion up to £1,400! More than ever before!

When purchasing a full kitchen order containing furniture and qualifying NEFF Oven and Hob between 1st October 2020 and 31st January 2021 you will be eligible to claim up to £1,400 cashback.

The combined Oven and Hob cashback amount will be decided by the Oven model. For example, if an N 90 Oven is purchased with an N 50 Hob £250 will be awarded.

Additional cashback up to a total of £1,400 can be claimed if selected NEFF Coffee, Cooling, Hobs and Ventilation appliances are purchased.

Venting hobs reward an impressive £750 when purchased alongside an N 90 Oven.

Contact us for full details.