Vidaco is recognised as an architect of great products, where visionary design, quality excellence and meticulous service lie at the heart of its business philosophy. Presenting not just bathrooms, and not just kitchens, but expressions of individuality and lifestyle. Reflecting the way that you, our customer, want to live your life.

Demanding the highest quality products & appliances we consistently provide the very best in service and care. Design and installation - it's all covered and under our complete control. Experienced and professional fitting teams work to exacting standards and are committed to providing perfection that you can see and feel.

In the two most valuable spaces in any home we will create the most fantastic bathrooms and stunning kitchens, to give lasting value and pleasure for years to come - and for much less than you might think.

So if you want to live your dream, visit the Vidaco kitchen & bathroom studio soon.

Your dream ............ Our business

Vidaco, one of the most progressive, independant companies in Scotland.